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3D Printed Products

Protect your battery terminals and reduce fire risk with our unique wire lug covers. These slip on covers are made of solid PLA plastic and keep your terminals from shorting inside your storage compartment. We know you invested in your RV, you shouldn't compromise safety when storing items in the same compartment.


Our 3D printed Electrical Inlet repair plate is made from ASA, a high UV resistant plastic similar to ABS in material strength properties. These inlet repair plates are made for several different brand electrical inlets. If we don't have your exact inlet in our store, we will custom 3D print it at no additional charge.


Our 3D printed caulk tube holder is a must have for RV repair technicians. We designed this accessory with mechanical durability in mind, integrated with fiberglass rod supports to make  this product strong and last for years. 


Our 3D printed wire runner supports up to three 100ft reals on each rod. As shown we have 3 runners mounted on 1 Packout for a total capacity of 900 ft of wire. The ears can also support 100 ft of heavy duty extension cord or multi conductor wire. If you do a lot of electrical work or solar installations this accessory is for you. We 3D print this in ASA with integrated fiberglass rod and quick release lag bolt.

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